Manual Tensioner



Heavy Duty Feedwheel type Manual Tensioner

Suitable for all kind strapping surface with unlimited strapping facility .

  • Operable with 19 to 32 mm X 1.2 mm max all grade of steel strap and Push / Cover type seal
  • Easy operation and maintenance facility

Medium Duty Rack and Pinion type Manual Tensioner

Ideal for round / irregular strapping surface.

  • Ideal for round / irregular strapping surface.
  • Low maintenance cost and limited consumable spares are require

Windlass type Manual Tensioner

Model : IP1932WH is ideal for Wagon Unitization / Container Lashing and other heavy duty application . Model : IP1932W is suitable for the strapping application like pipe bundling / TMT bar – rod bundling and other light duty application .

  • Model : IP1932WH is operable with 19 to 32 mm X 1.27 mm extra heavy duty steel strap . Pre-cut strap is using with this model .
  • Model : IP1932W is operable with 16 to 32 mm X 1.00 mm (max) Dry/Blue finish / Rusted or Medium carbon grade painted steel strap. Push or cover type seal may use with this model