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Box Strapping Machine

We are offering wide range of Semi and Full Auto Box Strapping machine . Single phase Semi Auto Machine with unique PLC for unlimited strapping with low power consumption

3 Phase Full Auto machine with unique PLC for unlimited strapping and low power consumption . High quality Aluminum Arch for easy maintenance and faster operation cycle .

  • Low Table / Low Arch model with conveyor system is also available
  • Customize Automatic Strapping system is also available

Pure Virgin Grade PET strapping

Well substituted of Steel Strapping . Producing from Eco friendly Polyethylene Terephthalate raw materials . Cost saving with high strength , shock resistance , corrosion free , weather resistance with all international standard safety features and core size . Applicable with

  • Full Automatic Strapping System
  • Pneumatic / Battery / Electrical Box Strapping machine
  • Manual Tools

Available in all size from 9 mm to 32 mm .

Normal Color is green . Red/Yellow / Blue / Black or as per customer requirement color and LOGO Printing is available .

Pure Virgin PP Strapping

The strap is made up of Virgin , eco friendly and light density Polypropylene raw material. We are offering following range PP strapping rolls

  • Heat Sealing grade : Operable with Automatic Strapping system / Box Strapping machine / Pneumatic –Battery operated tools
  • Manual Sealing grade : Operable with Manual tools .

Available in all size from 5 mm to 32 mm width .

Normal Color is White . Red/Yellow/Green/ Blue / Black or as per customer requirement color and LOGO printing is also available .

Stretch Films

Manual and Machine grade Stretch films is available . Min. width 50mm and max width 500 mm . Thickness range is 29 micron to 23 micron